Friday, November 15, 2013

How to start a granny rectangle - Ch'tite Geekette's way

Granny rectangle – using the foundation double crochet

After having made 3 granny square baby blankets for expectant friends, and having more friends expecting, I wanted to try with a rectangle.
Not knowing how to start it up, I quickly looked online but couldn't find anything I really liked (I don't like starting with a chain nor did I want to create 2 squares and assemble them), so I figured out I could come up with something on my own !

Here is what I did, someone probably already thought about it but I didn't have the time to search online for it at the time :)

Abbreviations / Terminology used:

  • st: stitch
  • ss: slip stitch
  • ch: chain
  • dc : double crochet
  • fdc : foundation double crochet
  • chfdc : chain foundation double crochet (cf. Special Stitch)

Special Stitch : Chain Foundation Double Crochet

This is a modified fdc to allow a gap in between 3fdc blocks, whereby we yarn over and pull through 1 loop twice before finishing the double crochet, to simulate a chain 1 in the chainless foundation !

Ch 1 – Yarn over – Insert hook into ch from previous fdc – Yarn Over – Pull through 1 loop – Yarn over – Pull through 1 loop – Finish the dc (Yarn over and pull through 2 loops twice).
Here a close up on the 2 pull throughs

First Round (in blue)

Ch 5
3 fdc

1 chfdc

2 fdc
1 chfdc

(If you want a longer rectangle, add as many 2 fdc + 1 chfdc as you want)

Second Round (in purple) – Proceed as you would for any granny square/rectangle

(First corner)
Ch 3

2 dc in same space

Ch 2
3 dc in same space

Ch 1
3 dc in next ch1 space
Ch 1

(Second and third corners)
3 dc in next ch1 space
Ch 2
3 dc in same space
Ch 2
3 dc in same space

(On the other side)
Ch 1
3 dc in next ch1 space
Ch 1
3 dc in next ch1 space

(Close off to finish last corner)
Ch 2, ss on top of the ch 3 from the beginning of the round.

Third Round (in black)

Corners are clusters of 3dc ch 2 3dc, on the side 3dc ch 1 3dc.

And off you go!

It never eeeeeends!

Happy hooking folks :)

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